Donald Trump and Buyable Politicians

Donald Trump openly boasts that he donates to politicians so he can exact favors from them after they reach office.

After all, he got his BFF and rented woman, Hillary Clinton, to dance at his wedding as a result of a “donation.” Or so he says.

There’s an actual fact, though, that contradicts his boast.

It seems Trump wanted to build one of his casinos in Florida in conjunction with the Seminoles. The casino, though, would have expanded the range of gambling beyond the bingo that Florida law then allowed. To get support for changing the law, Trump did then-gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush a solid, hosting a fund-raiser in Trump Tower for Bush’s campaign benefit, and he donated 50 stacks of his own money to the campaign.

Once elected,

Bush maintained his hardline stance against gambling in the state, delivering a death blow to Trump’s hopes of building out a multi-million dollar casino endeavor with the Seminole Tribe of Florida and prompting him to abandon those plans.

Bush said,

I am opposed to casino gambling in this state, and I am opposed whether it is on Indian property or otherwise…. The people have spoken, and I support their position[.]

The people had spoken three times, in fact, rejecting three separate referendums on the matter.

Maybe this explains Trump’s slavering animosity toward Bush.


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