What Do They Know?

Stanley Kurtz has asked a very important question regarding Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous handling of our nation’s secrets on her personal, private email server while she was sitting in the Secretary of State’s chair (or in her airplane seat as she jet-setted around the world on her State Department travels.

…shouldn’t we be paying more attention to the nature and scale of the damage to American national security caused by Hillary’s carelessness with classified information?

Kurtz also quoted from a Daily Beast piece a related aspect:

[S]enior counterintelligence officials are assuming the worst about what the Russians and Chinese know.

That brings me to my point: there’s no need to assume the worst; by inspecting Clinton’s private server—forensically, if needs be, since by her own admission she’s committed the felony of evidence tampering by deleting a potful of emails—we know what the Russians and Chinese (and the Brits, Israelis, Germans, and any script kiddy with an app) know. We don’t have to spend a lot of resources or money guessing at that.

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