More Obama Administration Stonewalling

President Barack Obama’s State Department is resuming its efforts to delay release of Hillary Clinton’s email collection, which she created on the private server she used in substitution for State’s legally mandated government-controlled server while she sat in the SecState chair.

State filed, in the records-release case brought by Citizens United (yes, that Citizens United), a request that all such cases be consolidated under one Federal judge, and the filing added

A significant amount of time is required to process the records and determine which documents are responsive and what portions of the documents are exempt….

I agree that a significant amount of time is required for this. State has had that significant amount of time afforded it already: some of these cases have been in progress for years, and it wasn’t until a Federal judge earlier this year ordered State to stand and deliver on a regular schedule that those deliveries began.

No, State has already had the time it’s requesting. Produce the emails. Full stop.

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