A Proper Rejection

The New Hampshire Executive Council has refused to allow the expenditure of $640 thousand on the State’s Planned Parenthood facilities. Councilor David Wheeler (R) said,

You can’t divorce what’s going on nationally from Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and we need a real investigation[.]

If the State legislature intends to do the right thing, it will follow the Executive Council’s example and reallocate those $640k to other women’s health centers. If the legislature chooses not to, it’ll be supporting the arrogance of Jennifer Frizzell, Vice President for Public Policy at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England:

Today’s decision will have a direct impact on New Hampshire women and their families,” Frizzell said in a statement. “Without these funds, PPNNE will be forced to cut direct program costs, which could mean shortening health center hours, eliminating staff positions, and reducing patient access to affordable care.

Because Planned Parenthood is the only women’s health facility in all of New Hampshire. The Concord Feminist Health Center, Joan G Lovering Health Center, Weeks Medical Center, who are getting roughly $360 thousand out of the cool million that the State had appropriated, and other facilities don’t exist.

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