Some of the Wages of Terror

Families of victims, and some victims, of Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization terror attacks against Israel from 2001 to 2004 won a judgment of nearly $220 million in February. Naturally, the PA is appealing the judgment.

“This could be the end of the Palestinian Authority,” Palestinian Authority attorney Mitchell Berger said in court. “And that’s why we’re here to argue over the judgment.”

Tough. You should have thought about that first. Your alleged inability to pay for your atrocities is not relevant to whether you should pay for your atrocities.

Just to add interest to the matter, President Barack Obama’s DoJ

which had previously not been involved in the 11-year-old case, informed the court it was considering filing a “statement of interest” in the case by Aug 10….

Naturally, Justice is refusing to tell us what its intervention is about. On the heels of the travesty of a deal just concluded with Iran over the latter’s nuclear weapons program, and considering that the PA terrorists remain clients of Iran, look for Justice to try to tell the appellate court that it must set aside the judgment.

One thought on “Some of the Wages of Terror

  1. The PA could pay it off by garnishing their late and (un)lamented leader’s Swiss, etc. accounts. But Madam Arafat would probably object to a diminution of her oh-so-refugee lifestyle …

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