More of the Dishonesty of Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Deal

First, this lie from President Barack Obama, spoken through his Guy Who Sits in the State Department’s Chair, John Kerry:

Iran had 12,000 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, and that’s enough if they enriched it further for 10 to 12 bombs. They had it. That’s what Barack Obama was dealt as a hand when he came in: 19,000 centrifuges already spinning….

The facts, via Omri Ceren:

The Iranians didn’t have 12,000 kg of highly enriched uranium (HEU) when Obama took office they had 0 kg of HEU. Kerry might have been thinking of the 12,000 kg of low enriched uranium (LEU) they had by 2014, but that doesn’t work either because the Iranians stockpiled most of that under Obama: as of February 2009 they only had 1,010 kg of LEU. They also didn’t have “19,000 centrifuges already spinning” they had 3,936 centrifuges spinning. And they were not 2 months away from breakout but instead were just getting around to stockpiling enough uranium for a single bomb.

Obama claimed, this time through his Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz, in response to the question of why he welched on his promise to us fellow Americans that he would end Iran’s program:

Well, first of all, the issue of Iran having a nuclear program was already established in the previous administration.

He said that with a straight face, too, as though he actually were serious. Never mind that, being an existing program, there was, indeed, something to end—something which he had promised to end, and which he chose not to.


h/t Power Line and Omri Ceren, who corresponds with Power Line

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