Because, Shut Up

President Barack Obama really doesn’t like it when folks disagree with him.

Obama said that Arizona Senator John McCain (R, AZ) had suggested Secretary of State John Kerry’s explanations of the framework agreement in Iran were “somehow less trustworthy” than those of Iran’s supreme leader.

Never mind that Kerry released a FAQ on the framework “deal” (after it had been…negotiated…and before the proposed terms had been discussed with Congress) that’s radically different from what the Iranians thought they had tentatively agreed. Released by a man who once, in public and sworn testimony, accused our military of wholesale, routine war crimes. A man who tried to avoid his home state’s luxury taxes by berthing his multi-million dollar yacht in another state. Yeah, Kerry is entirely trustworthy.

Obama also renewed complaints about the 47 Republican senators who sent a letter to Iran’s leaders saying that any deal the Iranians made with the US would not necessarily hold up after Obama has left the office.

Because telling the truth about an Executive Agreement is such a terrible thing, especially when the other party to that agreement appears to have such a deep misunderstanding of the depth and durability of it. An agreement which that self-same Kerry said in testimony before Congress was not binding because what’s contemplated is only an Executive Agreement.

Never mind, too, that Obama is pulling out all the stops to prevent Congress from passing on the agreement, which would make it a binding one.

Obama added, in the wide-eyed innocence that only he can muster

I don’t understand why it is that everybody’s working so hard to anticipate failure[.]

Maybe it’s because the thing can only fail: it in no way requires Iran to stop working toward nuclear weapons acquisition, it in no way prevents Iran from working toward nuclear weapons acquisition, it in no way has even a serious inspection régime. Of course the better policy wonk than his policy wonks knows this, which only goes to show that Obama is as trustworthy as his Secretary of State.

Obama’s rank partisanship really “needs to stop.” Oh, wait. Just shut up.

2 thoughts on “Because, Shut Up

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  2. “I don’t understand why it is that everybody’s working so hard to anticipate failure[.]”

    Perhaps because that’s what rational, clear-eyed people do in matters of risk and import.

    “What could go wrong?” is only a joke when everyone admits the possibilities abound.

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