The Arrogance of Obama

It’s breathtaking scope is made manifest in his “negotiations” with Congress on the matter of his “negotiations” with Iran over the latter’s nuclear weapons program.

“We’re open to talking to Congress about what they might do, how they might be heard on the Iran deal and how they might play an oversight role,” a senior Obama administration official said. “Some people in Congress will certainly want to take some vote.”

Awfully decent of Obama to be willing to seem to consider allowing Congress to do its Constitutional job.

Congress has mandated roles to play in international agreements; it’s required to play them. Congress, in the person of the Senate, must formally, and positively, approve any international agreement or that agreement is unenforceable and functionally nonbinding—it’s only a Presidential agreement. Congress must fund the agreement or it cannot have effect.

Of course, Obama knows this, hence the arrogance of his minion’s statement.

There’s nothing to discuss here. Congress must take the steps it must take, and it must stop wasting time on Obama’s idle chit-chat with it. Disapprove the issue of the current “negotiations” with Iran as the carefully leaked details of that describe it. Pass severe sanctions on the Iranian rĂ©gime and on Iran when the “negotiations” fail, as will be the case even should the current outline be accepted by the Obama administration and the mullahs. Pass them again over Obama’s veto. There’s nothing here to discuss with him.

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