55,000 Emails

…on the wall, 55,000 emails.

Take one down, and read it out loud….


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that, with those 55,000 emails, she’s released all the relevant ones.

Couple things about that. 55,000 emails over a four year tour of duty works out to less than 40 emails per day. Split that in half (naively), and say 20 were from Clinton—or sent for her over her signature block—and 20 were to her. We’re supposed to believe that the Secretary of State of the United States only did 20 emailed conversations per day? Really? My wife, who works for a large-ish networking company, gets over 100 per day. Inbound.

The second thing is this: whose definition of “relevant?” These emails’ relevance were determined by Hillary “What difference, at this point, does it make” Clinton.


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