Another Installment in Sea Grabs

The People’s Republic of China Foreign Minister Wang Yi had this to say, according to The Wall Street Journal:

This construction does not target or affect anyone.

We are not like some countries who engage in illegal construction in another person’s house, and we do not accept criticism from others when we are merely building facilities in our own yard. We have every right to do things that are lawful and justified.

The satellite imagery at the WSJ link is remarkable.

Of course, Wang is lying. What the PRC is doing affects all the nations on the South China Sea rim: being international waters, the Sea is theirs as much as it is the PRC’s, which is to say it’s owned by no one.

As far as construction in another person’s house is concerned, the Spratly Islands (the site of the present construction), if not in anyone’s house, most assuredly are in the jointly held front yards of Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines. These islands are nowhere near the PRC, and like the South China Sea in general, they are not at all PRC territory.

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