The Senate Democrats succeeded Monday night again in filibustering a House-passed bill that fully funds the DHS because those Democrats support President Barack Obama’s “executive actions” and want small provisions that would block them removed from the bill (yet they won’t permit debates and votes on amendments designed to achieve exactly that; they’d rather just defund the entire Department).

The vote was 47-46 for cloture, which means that 7 Republican Senators folded on this.

Instead of pressuring fellow Republicans to fold, as for instance Lindsey Graham (R, SC) so readily and often does, those gentlemen should be spending that energy pointing out the Democrats’ failure to support DHS in an era of large and increasing threat to our homeland.

Remember this in the primaries leading into the 2016 elections.

2 thoughts on “Wobbly

  1. Unfortunately the senate is still being run the way it was when Harry Reid was in charge. Either the democrats get everything they want, or nothing happens and it gets blamed on the republicans.
    Don’t see any real difference between Mitch as Senate Minority leader and Mitch Senate Majority leader.

    • It’s not just McConnell; it’s also the weak sister Republican Senators in his caucus who are too timorous to take the heat that comes with their job.

      However, the Senate may have handed the Republicans a victory, anyway: see my post above, that just went up.

      Eric Hines

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