The EU May Finally Be Waking Up

The European Union may finally be recognizing something [emphasis added], and they’ve made what seems initially to be a viable offer.

The European Union offered Friday to take charge of Gaza’s border crossings and work to prevent illegal arms flows, insisting on a durable truce and saying a return to the status quo for the region “is not an option.”

In a statement, they said they could also work to prevent arms smuggling and launch a training program for Palestinian Authority police and customs officers to be deployed in Gaza. They said terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm, and an overall peace deal remains the main objective.

But they’re not all the way there.

The EU ministers offered to reactivate and potentially extend its monitoring of Rafah and other border crossings—if given a mandate by the UN Security Council, and if it helps living conditions improve in Gaza.

No UN mandate is needed, and a mandate from a UN that openly supports the terrorists (UNRWA warehousing PA rockets, allowing tunnels to be dug under their buildings, Ban’s statements in open support of the Hamas faction of the PA) is untrustworthy.

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