What is the Obama Administration’s Goal?

[T]he [UN] Security Council adopted the presidential statement calling for an “immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire….”

This is the second Security Council cease-fire resolution in the last few days that the US has supported. Such cease fires plainly are one-sided. On the one hand, they allow the terrorists breathing time during which to rearm, refit, and replace their combat losses, at least to an extent. On the other hand, they provide no benefit to the Israelis; rather, they actively harm the Israeli effort by interrupting, if not breaking, IDF momentum.

On top of that, there’s no evidence the Palestinian Authority would respect even this cease fire, anyway: they’ve either rejected other cease fire offers—from Egypt, for instance, and Jordan—or they’ve simply, cynically, violated them.

This present terrorists’ war also is a direct outcome of the prior “major” cease fire implemented just two years ago, as predicted at the time.

The Obama administration knows all of this.

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