The Kerfuffle in the Middle East

Regarding the current Israeli/Palestinian Authority war over the latter’s terrorist attacks on Israeli cities and nuclear facilities, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Cairo to work with his Egyptian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, to try to bring about an end to the war, or at least a lull in the current outbreak of the larger, on-going war.

To Kerry’s credit, he also says he wants to find “a way to deal with the underlying issues.” Success here would, indeed, go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of further hostilities.

Unfortunately, he continues to lack any understanding of the situation. He also thinks the underlying issues are “very complicated.”

No, they’re really quite simple. Israel wants the terrorist attacks to stop; the PA refuses. Israel wants its right to exist explicitly recognized and that recognition acted on; the PA refuses on both counts. Israel wants a peaceful relationship within a two-state outcome that contains Israel and a Palestinian state; the PA refuses.

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