One Face of Terrorism

Just as soon as Israel accepted an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire Hamas fired 47 rockets killing one Israeli citizen.  Anyone who has followed the conflict could have predicted this with certainty; the point of a ceasefire—for a terrorist organization—is to break it for exactly the same reason it purposely attacks women and children.

Dr Anna Geifman expanded on this:

[C]hildren are the last consecrated absolute. …militant nihilism strives to ruin first and foremost what their contemporaries hold sacred.


Random, en masse brutality against civilians—emblematic for the 20th-century terror—culminated in a spectacular act of apocalyptic destruction on 9/11.

And today, the Palestinian Authority’s avowed goal is the spectacular act of apocalyptic destruction of Israel.

This is what Israel is facing today from the Palestinian Authority’s terrorism. This is part of what makes the UN’s call for equal parts of “restraint,” as though the PA’s terrorism were of a piece with Israel’s self defense efforts, so reprehensible. This is part of what makes the moral equivalence that the Democrats in the White House, in the State Department, and in the Senate espouse with their insistence on even-handed treatment of Israelis and PA terrorists so despicable.

h/t Belmont Club

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