Funding Israel’s Enemies

Last week, Hamas terrorists butchered three Israeli teenagers—one of them holding dual citizenship: he was an American, too. Shortly after, a Palestinian was butchered in an act of claimed vengeance. The Israelis promptly tracked down and arrested six suspects in the Palestinian’s murder. Hamas celebrated the butchery of the three Israelis (and American) and have pressed their terrorism with a continuing barrage of rocket attacks into Israel, ostensibly to “punish” Israel for its impertinence in objecting to the murders and, more so, for Israel’s rudeness in existing.

The Obama administration has pushed both the Israelis and Palestinians to “show restraint,” as though President Barack Obama seriously believes there is a moral equivalence between the two acts and between the two societies. Indeed, Obama wrote in his op-ed for Haaretz

[I]n President Abbas, Israel has a counterpart committed to a two-state solution and security cooperation with Israel.

We’re seeing now the Hamas Palestinian Authority leader’s view of “security” cooperation with Israel.

Yet, the moral equivalence which Obama insists exists between a democratic Israel—a democracy that includes its Arab citizens—and the terrorist organization that the Palestinian Authority has become since its integration with Hamas acts to justify $400 million in annual aid, first to the PA, and now to Hamas.

Whether it’s the intent or not, the effect is that this continued aid funds a terrorist gang whose primary goal is the destruction of Israel. And Obama knows this.

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