Jobs Mandates

Nearby is a post concerning the jobs impact of Obamacare costs being imposed on employers.  Two other labor costs being considered for imposition by our Know Better, Progressive administration are minimum wage increases, and now an increase in the “minimum” wage of salaried managers.

Never mind what such a thing would do to productive company cultures:

…making more people eligible for overtime pay could remove the inherent incentive for lower-level managers to hustle to earn a promotion.

“You work hard, develop the maturity for a salaried position, and then move up,” [Emo Pentermann, owner of Bell ATM Service Inc] says.  “It takes away that whole level of maturity and freedom of choosing to get the job done in the time allotted.  So for all practical purposes, they just might as well be on a time card.”

Or, regarding that last, especially:

…a workplace environment that de-emphasizes keeping up with a time clock.  For instance, employees can take time off work to attend a child’s performance in school.  [Jeffrey Harris, owner of Inte Q] says his employees are more productive as a result of that flexibility.

He had plans to adopt a new, more formal policy this year where he would tell his salaried employees: “You know what your job is.  You’re responsible for it.  Take off when you need to, and we’re not necessarily watching day by day what you’re doing.”

But when he heard about the proposal, he said he immediately thought it would affect the type of work culture that has yielded results for him in both profits and employee retention.

Because our employers don’t have enough barriers for job creation or for business growth—and job creation.

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