Chuck Schumer’s Progressive Solution to Immigration Reform

Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) tried to break the impasse over immigration on Sunday, suggesting that Congress pass a law that wouldn’t take effect until after President Barack Obama leaves office.

Yeah.  Because it’s entirely appropriate that the present President—or any President, come to that—refuse his sworn duty to enforce the laws on the Federal books whenever those laws are inconvenient to his ideology.

The distrust of Obama isn’t limited,either, to his decision not to deal with existing immigration law as it stands, his purported increase of deportations notwithstanding.  It has to do with his contempt for those laws, from his implementation of the DREAM Act by executive fiat after it had been explicitly rejected by Congress, to his execution of carbon cap-and-trade by executive fiat after Congress had explicitly rejected that, to his piecemeal rewrite of the Obamacare law by executive fiat, to….

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