Can’t Happen Here

Enquiries by the Daily Mail have revealed:

  • Four of the nine-person Climate Change Committee, the official watchdog that dictates green energy policy, are, or were until very recently, being paid by firms that benefit from committee decisions.
  • A new breed of lucrative green investment funds, which were set up to expand windfarm energy, are in practice a means of taking green levies paid by hard-pressed consumers and handing them to City investors and financiers.
  • £3.8 billion of taxpayers’ money funds the new Green Investment Bank, set up by the Department of Business and Skills. One of its biggest deals involved energy giant SSE selling windfarms to one of the new green funds, Greencoat Wind.  The Green Investment Bank’s chairman, Lord Smith of Kelvin, is also chairman of SSE.  The bank says it ‘provided expertise’ to enable BIS to take a £50 million stake in Greencoat, which helped fund the SSE sale.
  • The same bank’s chief executive, Shaun Kingsbury, is one of the UK’s highest-paid public sector employees.  His £325,000 salary is more than twice the Prime Minister’s.
  • Firms lobbying for renewables can virtually guarantee access to key Government policy-makers, because they are staffed by former very senior officials—a striking example of Whitehall’s ‘revolving door’.

The Daily Mail identifies specific players in the Green Charade at the link.


h/t Power Line

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  1. As I recall when Al Gore was out stumpping his ‘ionconvineint truth’ and climate change mantra, on his last slide and in the small print was the fact he was a major investor in Carbon credit exchange firms

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