Whose Politics?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) and Chuck Schumer (D, NY) have their knickers in a twist because Senate Republicans successfully blocked the accession to the DC Circuit Court of President Barack Obama’s nominee, Cornelia Pillard.  These two, and their…colleagues…are upset over what they claim are Republican political blocks.

No, guys.  Obama is making nakedly political nominations.  He should stop playing politics with the nation’s courts.

Additionally, as part of their panty-wadding, Reid and Schumer are threatening, again, to do away with the filibuster altogether:

Republicans are inching closer and closer to that line.  I’d hope they’ll turn back[.]

Senate Democrats can’t do this under Senate rules and the current party split in the Senate, though, except by trotting out Vice President Joe Biden to make a dishonestly tendentious parliamentary ruling on what the Senate’s rules actually say.

The politics don’t get any more naked than that.

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