Obamacare and the Sequester

Sequester—that invention of President Barack Obama, with which he intended to extort Republicans and Conservatives into acceding to his taxing, spending, and borrowing economic policy—is starting to cause trouble for Obamacare, now.  The sequester is blocking a set of subsidies that were supposed to help pay deductibles and co-pays under Obamacare.

Amy Payne, writing for The Foundry, quoted Chris Jacobs in The Wall Street Journal on impacts:

There are two possible outcomes.  The first is that individuals who have managed to enroll in subsidized health insurance will find they’ve been misled about their copays and deductibles.  Families who currently think their plan will charge a $20 copayment for doctor visits may instead face a $25 charge when the sequester kicks in.  Individuals who now believe they face maximum out-of-pocket costs of $2,000 may end up paying hundreds more.

Wonderful performance by a President who’s a better policy wonk than his policy staff.

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