President Barack Obama spent 15-20 minutes in a Tuesday Rose Garden speech proudly proclaiming his refusal to negotiate with Republicans over the budget or the nation’s debt limit.  He spent another hour Wednesday afternoon telling Republican leadership directly that he would not negotiate with them.  After all, he has said through his representatives and Congressional colleagues that Republicans are terrorists and have bombs strapped to their chests, and that they want to burn the US economy; with what/whom is there to negotiate?

However, Obama, directly or through subordinates, will treat with actual terrorists:

Hassan Rouhani (phone call)

Ayatollah Khamenei (letter)

Muammar Qadhafi (meeting)

Bashar al Assad (via Senator/Sec State Kerry)

Mahmoud Abbas (meeting)

Hugo Chavez (meeting)

Najib Mikati (via Senator/Sec State Clinton)


h/t AEIdeas, which has imagery.

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