The Coming Budget Debacle

House Speaker John Boehner (R, OH) has figured out—or is finally willing to say out loud—that attempts to negotiate with President Barack Obama or with Senate Democrats over the content of the next budget, or on the debt ceiling, are wastes of bandwidth.

Obama already has announced that he won’t discuss the debt ceiling—he simply demands that it be raised commensurate with his spending increase demands.  The rest of the Democrats demand tax increases—or else.

In line with this, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D, WS) is demanding a balanced approach to “deficit reduction.”

Actually, there’s much with which to agree in Murray’s demand.  We should have a balanced approach: to debt reduction, though (which, of necessity, includes deficit reduction, to the point of its elimination).  That balance is eminently well achieved by reducing taxes and then cutting spending to pay for that.

But this is a thing utterly inconceivable to Democrats, hence the coming debacle.  Or, Republicans will fold, again, creating an even bigger debacle.

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