An Alternative Solution

KT McFarland has one, and it begins with acknowledging an inconvenient truth:

President Obama—face it, you’ve already lost the Syrian war.  You probably lost it a year ago when you laid down that “red line” threat without any idea how you respond if Assad called your bluff.

Now, some underlying that inconvenience:

If Assad calls your bluff and launches another chemical attack in response or widens the war, you’ll be faced with either backing off or escalating the Syrian war, just like LBJ did with Vietnam.

If you do escalate, and topple Assad, you’ll pave the way for Al Qaeda-affiliated rebels to take his place.  If Congress does not approve your attack plan, you will look even more ineffective.

Either way, those chemical weapons will remain—for Assad or the Al Qaeda rebels to use….

Her solution:

The single best thing you could do to improve America’s position in the Middle East is what President Kennedy did when the Russians shocked the world by being the first country to send a man into space.  In response, Kennedy pledged to land a man on the moon within a decade.  You should pledge America to becoming energy independent by the end of your presidency, and a major oil and natural gas exporter by the end of the decade.

…American energy independence would mean we no longer need to curry favor with one side or another in the perennial Middle East conflicts.

Becoming the Arab oil countries’ biggest competitor means they will be forced to worry about how they are going to meet their own domestic payrolls.  They will have neither time nor money left over to pay for terrorists or proxy wars.

(Although they will remain in a position to continue feeding bodies to the furnace.)

And this gives Obama an additional move vis-à-vis Russia:

Give Putin the choice—the US and Russia can either bury the hatchet and work together to solve Iran, Syria, Islamic jihad, and the other international issues on which we disagree, or we can continue to spar over those issues.

If Russia wants to work with us, we’ll work with them on energy projects.  If not, they might continue to humiliate us, but we’ll help bankrupt them.

Then remind Putin that the reason the Soviet Union collapsed and Reagan won the Cold War was because he maneuvered events so the price of oil fell from $40 to $18 dollars a barrel in nine months, thus causing Russian economy to collapse.

We are happy to do it again.

[T]he world still doesn’t want Russian cars or computers.  Russia remains a petro-state: one third of the country’s GNP and half their budget comes from energy exports.

What the lady said.  Plus, that energy move will have only salutary effects on our economy, currently mired in the Obama (non)Recovery.

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