Progressive Law

President Barack Obama has sent his chief cleric on this subject, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, to the press to insist that Obamacare is “the law of the land,” and that we should all just shut up about it.  Over at, Peter Suderman showed us what “the law” is to Progressives in an article last Wednesday (and no, that’s not one of Obama’s cigarettes in Sebelius’ hand in the lead image.  Look more closely: it’s a pen).

  • selectively enforced provisions
    • delayed employer mandate, threatening to veto legislative authority to delay it—and the Individual Mandate
    • delayed out of pocket cost caps—stealthily, the announcement buried last winter in a plethora of rules documentation
    • delayed verification requirements concerning income and health status for state-based exchanges
  • lobbied OPM to rule that Congressional employees could use Federal employer health benefit contributions to purchase of exchange-based coverage, knowing OPM has no such authority.  (In truth, Congress—both parties—are complicit in this particular lawlessness.)
  • supported IRS ruling that insurance subsidies—available by the law-as-passed only in state-created exchanges—are to be allowed in the 34 exchanges run by the Federal government.

Can we afford three more years of Progressive law, after this and the preceding five, or so, years of it?  Can we afford even one more year?  Primaries and the mid-terms approach.

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