The Left’s Racism

…is getting ever more blatant.

Karen Carter Peterson, Chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party and Louisiana State Senator, had this to say last week about the ongoing opposition to Obamacare:

I have talked to so many members both in the House and the Senate, and you know what?  You ready?  You ready?  What it comes down to?  It’s not about how many federal dollars we can receive, it’s not about that.  You ready?  It’s about race.  I know nobody wants to talk about that.  It’s about the race of this African-American president.

It’s not possible, you see, to criticize a policy when its proponent is black—that must be racism.  It’s not possible to criticize the man who constantly proposes such policies when the man is black.  That must be a racist criticism.

Peterson then defended her remarks:

To be clear, I didn’t call any person “racist.”  Rather, I was simply relaying the truth about conversations I’ve had with my colleagues and the factors they considered on the expansion of Medicaid.

Saying a criticism is only about race isn’t to say the criticism is racist.  No, not at all.

This from the Party of Jim Crow.

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