Of What Are They Afraid?

British PM David Cameron, in another step in his push to give the British people a vote on their continued membership in the EU, has

given his Conservative Party’s backing to a draft bill that would commit the UK to holding an EU referendum by the end of 2017[.]

Of course many of his governing coalition partners oppose this bill—they not only want continued membership in the EU, they want the matter closed without the people’s further input.

Opposition cronies also oppose the thought of acknowledging the people’s view—and the primacy of that view—in the matter, fearing the referendum might actually come out in favor of leaving the EU.  One such crony, John Cridland of something called the Confederation of British Industry, insists

For those of us in the business world, it feels like a diversion from what we should be doing in Europe, which is restoring growth, through trade deals, and championing the reforms that we want to see….

Europe is more important than Great Britain?  What “reforms” does Cridland seriously think he’s going to get through the EU?  Why not focus on helping Great Britain first?

The EU, in fact, is doing nothing serious for Great Britain; it does, in the larger picture, endanger British fiscal soundness with the EU’s own continued demand for bailouts of spendthrifts (which only condones that irresponsibility).

Of what are the opponents of the British voice so afraid?  Or is it simply that the people shouldn’t be allowed waste government resources on making a choice that their Betters already have made for them?

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