Obama’s Syrian Timidity

From The Wall Street Journal:

President Barack Obama said the White House needed further proof that Syria’s security forces gassed civilians and rebels to change his “calculus….”


[T]he president walked a fine line by defending his insistence that he would not tolerate the use of chemical weapons, but also by saying he would not be pressured into quick military action in Syria.

Of course, it’s not possible to help the 70,000 Syrians already butchered by al Assad.  I’m sure, though, the surviving Syrians, including those who will be killed by al Assad’s repudiated government in the coming days and weeks will by heartened by Obama’s…studiousness.

Bill Murray, ex of the CIA and experienced in the area had this (I’m at a loss to know whether he offered this as an excuse or a description):

Lebanon was like a tar baby.  It sticks to your fingers, and you can’t get away from it.  Syria is the same way.  There’s not going to be a happy outcome no matter what you do.

Granted.  Stop worrying, then, about consequences, and do the right thing.  No more stalling, no more looking for excuses not to act.

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