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Fox News is reporting that Magpul Industries, a maker of accessories for firearms—magazines, sights, grips, and the like—has told the Colorado statehouse that if a bill to restrict the size of ammunition magazines is passed, the company will relocate out of the state.

It’s a bold threat from a company that, by its founder’s admission, has distanced itself from politics.

This company deserves our support.  Perhaps it should have been more political throughout its existence (Plato’s and Pericles’ admonishments apply to our businesses as well as to ourselves), but in the present case, the company’s focus on its business makes its stand the more principled.

Naturally, Colorado’s democrats are unimpressed.  State Senator Jessie Ulibarri (D) said

When you have the means available to you at every single corner to commit a horrendous act, we will continue to see what we’ve seen, which is the status quo, where unfortunately gun violence and violence in general is prevalent in our communities[.]

Ulibarri should look in a mirror.  Those acts include the party power to ramming through ill-considered legislation that addresses the wrong problem while deprecating individual rights.

It’s an idiotic bill, too, aside from an immoral one.  As Magpul’s Founder and President, Richard Fitzpatrick, pointed out,

smaller magazines can be easily connected to each other—magazines can be hooked up to make a 60-round magazine, for example—and the company fears it would legally liable if people were to do that.

The idiocy goes further: Fox News says

Democrats have tried to ease Magpul’s fears, amending the bill to make clear that the company can still manufacture magazines of any size, as long as they’re sold only out-of-state, to the military or law enforcement.

As if that’ll keep the offending magazines out of the state.

Like I said, this company deserves our support.

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