Are Republicans Folding Again?

With the effective date of the Obama sequester, with its defense cuts, approaching, Republicans are starting to waver.  Congressman Tom Rooney (R, FL) of the House Armed Services Committee, for instance, now is saying he would rather compromise on taxes than allow the cuts to take effect.

If you were going to hold a gun to my head and say you had to pick one…my constituents would expect us to keep them safe.  If it takes closing [tax] loopholes to get there, I would be willing to do that.

A carefully anonymous “senior GOP aide” confirms the growing softness of the Republicans.  He’s saying that, with the cuts, Rooney’s position will gain support as more Republicans fold.

Republicans have already foldedcompromised on tax increases in the fiscal cliff negotiations just concluded.  More “compromise” means more tax increases.

How, exactly, are Americans kept safe when ever more of their money is taken by the government as taxes, Congressman Rooney?

I also have to ask: has the Republican Party become the RINO Party?

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