The Lies Continue

By why would we be surprised?

President Obama returned to campaign mode on Monday – casting Republicans as against the middle class by saying their failure to accept his offer for a limited extension of tax breaks will essentially ruin Christmas for consumers and retailers.

“Stop holding the middle class and our economy hostage over a disagreement on tax cuts,” the letter [he sent to Congress Monday] states, as Congress returns…to try to reach a deal that would avert the $500 billion mix of tax increases and budget cuts set to take effect in early January.

Because, of course his way is the only way, and those Evil Republicans are blocking him, again.  And never mind that it’s Obama who’s holding not just the middle class, but our entire economy, hostage against his getting his ransom from a tiny group of Americans whom he hates so much.

Here’s the Obama compromise: he’s repeating that he won’t sign a bill that doesn’t raise tax rates on those Americans.

And this:

A growing number of Democrats say they are willing to let the country go off the fiscal cliff if a deal cannot be reached by Jan. 1 that raises taxes on the top two percent of earners while protecting costly entitlement programs.

Led by Senator Patty Murray (D, WA), Democrats have pushed the idea that the cliff is not as bad as the hype, with it being more of a “slope” than a “cliff.”

Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) backs Murray, also saying that Democrats can’t cave in.  He and other Democrats believe that Obama won a mandate for increased taxes with the presidential election.

Also weighing in on Monday in a New York Times Op-Ed was billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who has said he think the country will be just fine going over the fiscal cliff.

The Progressive compromise, generally, remains, “Do it our way,” and Progressive bipartisanship means Republicans doing it the Progressives’ way.

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