Taxes and the Fiscal Cliff

As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) pointed out the other day,

[T]here is no consensus on raising tax rates.

Additionally, McConnell reminded us

[W]e still have yet to hear an actual plan from the president for addressing the great economic challenges we face.  What’s needed now is a realistic and specific proposal from the president that can actually pass the Congress.

Indeed, we haven’t heard anything President Obama in the way of a specific plan, beyond two budget “proposals” from the last session that can only be taken as having been improv satire.

McConnell laid down his marker, and it’s a correct one:

One issue I’ve never been conflicted about is taxes.  I wasn’t sent to Washington to raise anybody’s taxes to pay for more wasteful spending and this election doesn’t change my principles.

Is Obama serious or not about recovering our economy?  We’ll find out in the coming days.

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