Weasel Words

Or breathtaking incompetence.

Fox News is reporting that the Obama administration is changing, again, its story about what happened to our Libyan consulate in Benghazi.   Now they’re reverting to insisting that the terrorist attack was a response to, and spread of, the Cairo riots at our Egyptian embassy and the burning of our American flag flying above it.  These are riots which Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s minions also are laying off to a YouTube video.

Now the White House is saying that the video sparked the planned, organized, coordinated, three-pronged assault on our consulate.

All the while acknowledging, given the evidence that’s been released since that attack, that

there was no actual protest in Benghazi at the time of the attack and that “extremist” elements were likely involved.

So now Obama’s folks are trying to manufacture an amalgamation of, on the one hand, the…flawed…account our UN Ambassador Susan Rice gave on five Sunday talk shows and which Obama frequently repeated through his Press  Secretary Jay Carney at his noon press conferences that the attack was a “spontaneous” response to a video and, on the other hand,  real-time and within-24-hours reports, Senate testimony by National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew G Olsen in mid-Sep, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s later claim that it was a coordinated terror attack.

Now it’s…what…an organized and fairly complex terrorist attack ginned up in response to a video and “rioting” elsewhere?

The intelligence official who spoke to Fox News about this on condition of anonymity (because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly (which raises its own questions about his integrity and the reliability of his claims)) said that that everything is subject to change.

You bet.

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