Excuses of an Addict

In doing research on another subject, I ran across this article, a part of which I’ve excerpted below.

  • It wasn’t my fault!
    Rationalization and projection of blame attempt to distance the addict from the consequences of his (actually, of his addiction’s) actions.
  • You’re not so pure yourself!
    Following the adage that “the best defense is a good offense” the addict seeks to turn the tables and distract attention from himself by “attacking the attacker….”
  • Trust me – I know what I am doing!
    The addict, blinded to reality by his own denial, attempts to reassure those who have begun to wonder about his judgment….
  • I’m not nearly as bad as OTHER people!
    An almost universal addictive rationalization.  The addict compares himself to people who are in his opinion in far worse shape….
  • Look at all I have done for you! or This is the thanks I get!
    Another “guilt trip” designed to disarm or deflect criticism of addictive behavior.
  • Now is not a good time to stop!
    Another nearly universal addictive rationalization.  “I’ll quit tomorrow” is a familiar addictive refrain.  The time never seems quite right to stop – even though the addict may be or seem to be perfectly sincere in his determination

Do any of these excuses sound familiar in today’s political arena?

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