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It would seem that civility is in the ear of the speaker.  The Wichita Eagle mentions, courtesy of those evil Koch brothers, some examples of civility from our Progressive…acquaintances.  Last Thursday, it seems, Charles Koch authorized the release of a large sampling of the emails he, his company, and his employees have been getting over the last year, or so.

Among the incisive, tightly reasoned arguments offered him and his from the civil Left are these:

I hope you all DIE.

You people are ruining our country, and all for $$$.

And an especially cogent pair of correspondences:

Choose your expiration Date, Brothers….

The Koch brothers will DIE!!!!!

These careful insights aren’t limited to the ordinary Left, either.  The NLMSM also rises to the occasion, albeit more…subtly.  In an AP article picked up by The Northwestern from USA Today, we find this:

Wichita Police Lt. Doug Nolte said Friday that the last reports the department had on file from Koch were in 2010 involving a complaint about someone putting signs on his property and a 2009 arrest for trespassing at his house.

Not a word on the nature of this Progressive civility—just had it been (lightly) reported to the authorities.

On the other hand, we have this from none other than Elliot Spitzer.  According to The Daily Caller, in an interview with Bill Maher, he offered this in the context of the free speech rights of a corporation (like Koch Industries, or Time Warner, which owns HBO, which carries “Real Time with Bill Maher”):

Your show is owned by a corporation.  You have a First Amendment right. And so I don’t know how you distinguish between the New York Times editorial page, The Rachel Maddow Show, George [Stephanopoulos]‘s show — all owned by corporations.

The First Amendment shall pass no law abridging the right of speech.

Doesn’t say by anybody. It says speech. I don’t care whose speech it is.

That’s how Progressive civility fits in.

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