Pushed into Buying?

Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys in his Delaware trial over whether he falsified gun purchasing papers pursuant to purchasing a gun are now claiming that Biden was pushed into buying a lethal weapon.

The defense team also tried to paint gun store employee Gordon Cleveland as a pushy salesman who wanted Hunter to walk out with a firearm that day.

“A sale is a sale and that was their goal that day,” [lead defense attorney Abbe] Lowell said. “They wanted it done quickly.”

This is so obviously a crock that it seems to me Lowell already is setting up grounds for an incompetent counsel appeal.

Hunter Biden is, and he was at the time, a fully grown, rational human being. He wasn’t even high on drugs at the time he chose to buy the gun, Lowell insists. (That latter business about not being high would seem to be irrelevant, since the presiding judge already has ruled that the prosecution does not need to prove Biden was high at the time of his purchase.)

No one stuck a gun in Biden’s ear and forced him to make the buy. Whether the salesman was a high pressure salesman doesn’t matter. Countless Americans face high pressure salesmen countless times in countless venues, and the vast majority of them aren’t persuaded.

No, Hunter Biden acted on his own initiative to make the purchase. When he crossed the street to enter the gun store in the first place, he already was disposed to buy a gun.

Minimum Wage Law Consequence

Recall that California has enacted one of the highest minimum wage laws in the nation, a $20/hr minimum wage inflicted on fast food restaurants operating in the State.

Now come the consequences, which any schoolboy limited to an allowance could have predicted.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill, a California Mexican restaurant chain, announced the closure of 48 restaurants in the Golden State amid rising business costs.

That’s one-third of the chain’s total operational restaurants in the Southwest, including a few left in California.

Earlier, in anticipation of the labor cost explosion, Red Lobster auctioned off—moved out of—5 California locations, albeit these were among a total of 50 nationwide of which the chain was divesting itself.

In other moves to cut labor costs, Pizza Hut franchises, especially Southern California Pizza Co, has discontinued most delivery services from its California-based restaurants, laying off nearly a thousand drivers.

Can Progressive-Democrats anywhere understand that a high minimum wage requirement—or a requirement at any level—prices unskilled job holders and unskilled job seekers out of those jobs? Can they understand that a wage at any level is vastly superior to no wage at all?

Or is it that Progressive-Democrats are cynical enough to seek to transfer unskilled workers out of jobs where they can gain experience, skills, second incomes, and upward economic mobility and into dependency on Government welfare—where they would represent votes to keep the handouts coming?