Instagram’s Nudes

Meta’s—Mark Zuckerberg’s—Instagram says they will, under certain circumstances, start blurring nude images sent over its program.

Instagram is now taking a meaningful step to contain the problem, by automatically detecting and blurring nudes in its direct-messaging service.

Whoopty-do. There’s this:

Apple stopped short of notifying parents if children under the age of 13 viewed or sent nudes, because of potential privacy issues. Instagram also won’t notify parents.

Meta still is insisting it’s a better steward of child safety than are the child’s parents. So is Apple. Typical arrogance, and unacceptable.

Meta’s response to this threat also signifies how serious financial sextortion has become….

In consonance with

Meta doesn’t have plans to roll out the warnings to its other apps, such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Since it’s still freezing parents out of the decision process and consciously choosing to not spread the “warnings” to any of its other messaging programs, Meta’s response isn’t at all meaningful, nor does it signify anything other than obfuscation of its empty virtue-signaling.

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