Biden and the Iranian Mullahs

The Iranian nuclear weapons program is nearing breakout.

The [International Atomic Energy Agency] has lost continuity of knowledge in relation to [Iran’s] production and inventory of centrifuges, rotors and bellows, heavy water, and uranium ore concentrate.


The Institute for Science and International Security, which has followed Iran’s program for years, says Iran can enrich enough uranium for 13 nuclear weapons, seven in the first month of a breakout.

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden’s response:

Let us be clear: we continue to have serious concerns related to the stockpile of highly enriched uranium that Iran continues to maintain.


Iran’s level of cooperation with the Agency remains unacceptable, and far short of the expectations outlined by the Director General and the Board.  As we will make clear under the safeguards item, the Board [IAEA Board of Governors] must be prepared to take further action should Iran’s cooperation not improve dramatically.

In other words, all Biden is willing to do is shake his finger very firmly at the mullahs and to yap. They have him cowed into doing nothing serious.

This is what is running for reelection as our President on the Progressive-Democratic Party ticket. Remember this in November.

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