Biden Refuses, Abbott Acts

Fronton Island is American territory, a Texas island in the Rio Grande near the Texas town of Fronton and across from the Mexican towns of Los Guera and Ciudad Miguel Alemán.

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden has been refusing to defend our southern border his entire term, and his decision ultimately led to his surrendering Fronton Island and ceding it to Mexican drug cartels. Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham:

This island before it was claimed, was literally a law enforcement free zone for the cartels to do whatever they wanted[.]

Last fall, in an operation little reported on since, Abbott’s administration, in the form of Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham’s Texas Land Office in partnership with Texas’ Department of Public Safety corrected Biden’s utter failure. In an action named Operation Flat Top, elements of the Texas DPS and Texas Military Department swept over the island and seized it, restoring it to American sovereignty (or at least to Texas sovereignty since Biden has so evidently washed his hands of it).

The Texans seized major caches of weapons, explosive devices [and] drugs as they cleared the island (I’m reminded of a prior Progressive-Democratic administration’s Operation Fast and Furious under which that administration peddled firearms to Mexican cartels), then began the process of securing the island with the Biden-hated concertina wire on the Mexico facing side. An additional outcome: Buckingham noted that since Texan sovereignty over the Texas island has been restored there are zero people coming across from Mexico from that part of the border.

We need to remember Biden’s failure refusal to act this fall.

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