Joe Biden’s Classified Documents

These images are from the Hur report:

This is the quality of Biden’s “storage” in his locked garage. The protecting Corvette automobile is not present.

This is another look angle at some critical, and exposed, boxes.

These two boxes are those in the red circle in the preceding image, with other boxes removed for clarity. Were these boxes of classified documents that Biden was illegally holding onto rifled through while he was holding them? The foreground box has one end torn almost all the way down—that doesn’t happen with the box just sitting there undisturbed. Even had that happened as the box had been moved from other locations to this one, it seems likely that such moving damage would have been repaired, or the box replaced. The box behind it appears similarly opened. The furniture around the two boxes didn’t fall over on their own initiative—they’ve been knocked over, possibly as the boxes were pulled out from among the furniture for better access.

Another box that might have been rifled through.

And another exposed box.

The Hur report can be read here.

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