A “Misunderstanding”

The Wall Street Journal‘s editors spent a lot of ink and pixels on their editorial regarding the “jostling” between Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott and our nation’s Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden over Abbott’s moves regarding Eagle Pass, the city’s Shelby Park, and the associated stretch of our border with Mexico. They included, though, this bit of…misunderstanding…of the underlying condition along our southern border:

If migrants who have walked 1,000 miles qualify as an invading army….

Leaving aside the pros and cons of Abbott’s argument regarding jostling with the US government on the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, the Editors have blown up their own argument with this fundamental misunderstanding of the situation. These are not migrants who have walked those 1,000 miles, they are illegal aliens. More, they’ve been illegal aliens since they entered Mexico in violation of Mexico’s own immigration laws.

Even could they be migrants throughout their trek across Mexico, when they reach our border and enter illegally, they become illegal aliens. Among those illegal aliens flooding across our southern border are some number of military age single men from the PRC, among other nations. “Some number” estimated from those who have been caught entering illegally and those who have gotten away, but reasonably well IDed in the process. That’s a floor on the total, though, since we can have no idea of how many are among the several thousands per month who escape unidentified or unencountered at all. The danger of that has been amply demonstrated already by Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine with its little green men.

Abbott’s characterization and declaration—along with similar characterizations and declarations by 50 Texas counties—that the flood of illegal aliens constitutes an invasion is correct. With the decision of the Biden administration to not enforce our border, any Constitutional crisis is one of Biden’s construction.

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