Deal Breaker

Apparently, there’s a complicated, multi-phase “ceasefire” that involves staged releases of terrorist-held hostages and Israeli-held terrorist prisoners that’s being developed. Among the criteria being discussed is Israel ceasing, in the first, six-week, phase, all drone surveillance operations.

Above all else, ceasing drone surveillance must be an absolute deal breaker.

Trust the terrorists not to reposition, including infiltrating back into the central and northern parts of the Strip; or to refit; or to rearm during the ceasefire?

Of course they will, and six weeks is an eternity for accomplishing that, but Israel willfully blinding itself to the movements and resupply efforts would be monumentally stupid and hugely expensive in Israeli blood.

This is a deal that shouldn’t be getting any words at all beyond, “No.”

Israel is winning this Hamas war, if grindingly; now is not the time to call a halt, even temporarily. Now is the time to pile on—and for the Biden administration to get out of the way and join the piling on, at least by covering Israel’s flanks by eliminating the Iranian proxies’ combat sites and weapons caches in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

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