Step in the Right Direction

If Germany will follow through promptly.

The German government has approved the export of air-defense missiles to Saudi Arabia, underlining a softening of its hard line of recent years toward arms exports to the kingdom.

They’ve approved a whole 150 air-to-air missiles for Iris-T air defense systems.


Germany is open to delivering more Eurofighter jets…to Saudi Arabia.

That’d be cool, too, if they’ll actually follow through promptly, and if the other nations of the Eurofighter consortium also agree and follow through promptly.

But it’s only a step. How about some Eurofighters and associated weapons and maintenance suites for Ukraine, which is involved an a truly existential struggle against barbarians? Or does Germany still think those Slavs are too dumb to be able to fly such an airplane, even after the UA demonstrated Germany’s…error…with Leopard tanks?

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