Hamas has begun planning for the governance of the Gaza strip once its war against Israel is ended.

Hamas’s political leaders have been talking with their Palestinian rivals about how to govern Gaza and the West Bank after the war ends, a fraught negotiation that threatens to put them at odds with the militant wing fighting Israel.
The talks are the clearest sign that Hamas’s political faction is starting to plan for what follows the conflict.

Husam Badran, of Hamas’s Doha-based political bureau:

We want to establish a Palestinian state in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem[.]

That’s not as outlandish or hubristic as it might seem, given the weakness of the Biden administration’s support for Israel as it defends itself against Hamas’ war of annihilation. That weakness is exemplified by Biden’s, Sullivan’s, Blinken’s, and Lloyd’s constant pressure on Israel for cease fire and to stop killing Gazans indiscriminately—a charge for which none of those worthies have offered a scintilla of evidence. That weakness is further exemplified by the letters from staffers and interns that Biden has received demanding overt support for “Palestinians.”

Nor are our allies in Europe—putative allies of Israel—helping the matter with their constant bleating for cease fires and ends to fighting and please stops.

There’s this…challenge…too, from Mohammed Dahlan, former Gaza security chief with close Emirati and Egyptian connections who’s in daily contact with Hamas:

[D]o you think anybody is going to be able to run to make peace without Hamas?

I ask does anybody think any sort of peace is possible with Hamas?

Israel must conclude Hamas’ war on Israeli terms and not on the terms of the weak kneed or of Palestinian terrorist supporters. The only legitimate end is for Israel to eliminate the entity that is determined to exterminate Israelis.

When the Hamas war is over, there should be no one in Hamas to plan, there should be no Hamas.

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