Here are the Jobs to Cut

A bunch of Washington Post journalists and staffers struck the print news outlet Thursday, upset over planned buyouts of 240 job holders, and layoffs if 240 don’t agree to buyouts.

WaPo reporter Marissa Lang:

We did not come to this decision to do this walkout lightly….

No, of course not….

The union, represented by the NewsGuild, said in an unsigned statement posted on X by New York Times(!) media reporter Ben Mullin,

Despite a year and a half of efforts, Post management has refused to bargain in good faith for a fair contract that keeps up with inflation and our competition[.]

The strike announcement subheadline reads, in part,

Unfair labor practice strike protests the Post’s disregard of the law in bargaining….

Because, of course it’s always management’s fault, the union always is lily-pure. Of course…. Unsubstantiated, smear claims like this are part of what gives unions a bad name.

No, it seems to me that “the union,” with its strike, has self-identified those 240 jobs and quite a few more that can, and should, be cut.

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