Rebuilding San Francisco?

San Francisco is moving to alter certain requirements and political priorities in order to increase residential housing construction. San Francisco even has changed some actual rules so developers can build market-rate apartments with fewer requirements to provide affordable housing. One project coming out of these moves is this one:

In what would be the city’s most ambitious residential development in several years, local property developer Bayhill Ventures last month announced plans for a 71-story rental tower in San Francisco’s ailing financial district.

Cabrini Green come to San Fran, degentrifying the financial district? Only with the critical difference that this area will have even fewer police with which to enforce laws and keep folks safe than Chicago provided Cabrini Green.

It’s not certain that that outcome will be realized. However, the construction comes inside an established environment of a reduced police force; laws decriminalizing, among others, drugs and shoplifting; and prosecutors reluctant to prosecute. (Yes, I’m aware that San Francisco residents recalled an especially egregious non-prosecuting prosecutor, but his replacement is better only compared with that low bar.)

We’ll see.

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