Take Appropriate Action

In response to Iran’s proxy Houthis’ attacks on US Navy combat ships and on commercial freight shipping in the Red Sea, Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden, through his National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, said that

The United States is going to take “appropriate action[.]”

Sure we will. Biden will have the Navy go drop a bomb, or two, on or toss a couple of missiles at a couple of unimportant Houthi buildings in the Yemeni desert, just like he did in the Syrian desert in pseudo-response to Iran’s Syria proxies’ dozens of attacks on US facilities there.

And the timing of this “appropriate action?” Sullivan, again saying the words Biden gave him to say:

We are going to take appropriate action in consultation with others, and we will do so at a time and place of our choosing.

Biden’s America is incapable of acting on its own, but only with the permission of others. Beyond that, his timing is nothing more than an empty “Whenever, man.”

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