Intrinsically Inferior

The Oregon State Board of Education has waived, essentially, all high school graduation requirements—demonstrated competency in reading, writing or math—and is allowing anyone and everyone who had the initiative simply to enroll in a high school to graduate with a high school diploma.

Board members said the standards…harmed marginalized students since higher rates of students of color, students with disabilities, and students learning English as a second language ended up having to take the extra step to prove they deserved a diploma, The Oregonian reported.

The OSBE and the Progressive-Democratic Party-run Oregon State legislature and governor can’t be bothered to do the work of taking their own steps to fill those gaps and eliminate the need for the students’ “extra steps.” No, these…persons…have completely written off the minority students, along with those with disabilities and those taking (or not?) ESOL, and have simply eliminated all learning requirements.

Because, apparently those students are intrinsically inferior and unable to learn the material.

This is yet another example of the despicable bigotry of the Progressive-Democratic Party.

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