That’ll Show ‘Em

Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is shaking his finger very firmly at Hamas and sanctioning the terrorist gang and its supporters.

The sanctions include 10 senior members and “financial facilitators” of the Hamas terrorist group, as well as roughly 1,000 individuals and entities connected to Iranian terror financing. The sanctions struck Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terror organizations in the Middle East that a senior Treasury official said were part of “a massive financial network.”

Ooh, ooh. Be still, my heart.

Having already moved to release $6 billion dollars to Iran for its relay to the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah (and, allegedly, moved with Qatar to delay that delivery), these sanctions are an insultingly puny response to the butchery Hamas is inflicting on Israeli women, children, and babies and that Hezbollah and Iran are threatening to do.

Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen:

The United States is taking swift and decisive action to target Hamas’ financiers and facilitators….

How much money and other value is affected by these sanctions? Neither Biden nor Yellen is saying.

No. What’s needed is free-flowing weapons and ammunition to Israel as the IDF needs them, and two carrier groups’ kinetic response in Lebanon and Syria to destroy Hezbollah should that terrorist gang attack Israel.

Full stop.

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