The Political Center

Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV) and his daughter are looking to form a project that would promote centrist policies and candidates in future endeavors and elections. Their project is Americans Together, and it’s intended to be a politically active nonprofit entity.

In a memo that was shared with potential donors and viewed by The Wall Street Journal, the project proposes a coalition that would “mobilize the middle” and support a shift toward the political center.

The Manchins’ move, though, misses an important underlying assumption: what is the middle, the political center?

The Progressive-Democratic Party, with its extremist ideology—

  • no effective southern border
  • voting “rights” and welfare support for illegal aliens
  • sanctuary for illegal aliens
  • identity politics
  • ideology indoctrination of our children from kindergarten through graduate school
  • ever expansive and intrusive government

—has been dragging what used to be our nation’s center steadily Leftward at least since 2008.

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